Public playground area




1030.35 м²


Lviv city, Ukraine




Alina Gubar in collaboration with architects Yuliya Rybak, Khrystyna Teliuk

Award: 1st place: Winner of the All-Ukrainian Open Architectural Competition for the Best Playground at St. George’s Square
Photographer: Andriy Shust

Children playground – the first step in the process of socialization of children. It is the place where not only the physical needs are satisfied, but also the place of spiritual and intellectual contact. By encouraging children of different age and ethnic background to meet and communicate while playing the project aims at helping children discover the world around.

The heart of this new space comprises the artistic and ambitiously constructed playground. The margins of the playground determine not only the margins of the play area, but also visually create a green border between the playground and the St. Yura Square. This way safe space for play is secured.

The zone presents a half open space connected with the square park. The main object- the dimensional sculpture for climbing which includes two green metal pipes smoothly integrated into the environment. There is a net spread between them which creates an interesting sequence of entertaining events for children of different age groups. They contribute to the physical and psychological development of a child because in this way a child learns to overcome obstacles. One more interesting element of this climbing space- LED lighting. In the middle of the climbing area there is a wooden house out of which there goes a slide. What is more, out of this house there opens a view onto the whole playground. There are also such play elements as swings, a built-in bounce house, telephone tube, «labyrinth-sticks» and boards for drawing. The project presupposes the preservation of all trees. In addition, the rubber cover will be used solely around some play objects, thus, the lawn will be preserved too.


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