70 м²


Recreational complex Buhta Vikingiv, Lviv region




Alina Gubar, Sergii Gubar

The sauna is located on the territory of a resort “Buhta Vikingiv”, not far from Lviv. It is 70 sq m big and can host up to 10 people. The conceptual goal of the interior is to create comfortable conditions for rest, which, in turn, is meant to unite people. Especially for this purpose we designed a round table in the middle of the room. It will present a magnificent possibility for friends or family members to get together and spend memorable time round it. To maximize the feelings of cosiness and intimacy the walls are also designed in a form of a semicicle. This architectural solution correlates with the ancient tradition of gathering round the fire. The walls are covered with a trendy material- stone veneer, as well as divided in an interesting way with the help of vertical led lighting which is mirrored on the dark ceiling and in the windows. Our intention was to produce the effect of a cliff or cave. What is more, there is a small kitchen in the sauna. Here one can drink some herbal tea from the ceramic cups. Over the table there hang handmade clay light shades, they also contribute to the unique aura of a cosy place. The windows from the room open stunning views of the lake and green valley.
At the entrance on the right there is space for changing and on the left restrooms and shower cabins. On the left side of the room there is a Finn sauna. There through a panoramic window one can see a picturesque pond. From the relaxation zone there is an exit onto the terrace. There one can rest on loungers and dive into a hot vat. Beside the sauna there is a room for storing linen and towels.
The sauna is perfectly located near the forest and has access to water. It is both traditional (thanks to the usage of shingle on the facades and natural materials in general) and modern (as the entrance doorway is made using HPL panels and LED stripes go through stone veneer inside).


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