18000 м²


Kalush, Ukraine


Working draft


Sergii Gubar, Alina Gubar, Dzvina Rymar, Yuliya Rybak, Karina Dobrovolska, Dmytro Plesnytskyi

The conceptual project of renovation of the industrial territory and creation of an industrial hub is first of all about the analysis of the region and a site, definition of its potential, and only then about architecture and design. Despite the fact that the city of Kalush is the main industrial center of the western region, it lacks modern management and breath, which we propose to solve.

The potential of the region allows us to think broadly. The geography of the region allows for active links with Central Europe by road, rail and air. A wide range of industries and productions in the region allows for profitable cooperation with minimal logistics costs, as well as the creation of entire industrial clusters and industrial parks, attracting foreign investors and companies.

The object of renovation is a huge area of ​​former industrial production with a multi-storey administrative building, as well as warehouses and production hangars. As the existing facility is well-grounded for its industrial and production function, the main task was to repurpose it to modern technology, construction and logistics requirements.

The administrative building was reorganized into an office center, coworking spaces and a micro-hotel on 2 upper floors, the eastern economic wing of the building – in a supermarket, and the western – in a cafe for visitors to the hub with a summer terrace. Our goal was also to create a multifunctional open space for visitors and residents of Kalush with a pleasant atmosphere, which, in particular, included a summer cinema and an operated roof terrace of the cafe.

As a result, we have created a kind of leisure center, a platform for the development of entrepreneurial, creative thinking, a venue for festivals and conferences.


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