Residential (housing)




78 м²


Krasnyk, Ivano-Frankivsk oblast




Sergii Gubar, Alina Gubar, Yuliya Rybak, Dzvina Rymar, Viktoriia Aloshyna

The main goals we bore in mind were to create the most cosy place possible for the rest from the bothersome city rush, not losing the comfort and the benefits that city life presupposes. What is more, we intended to combine the above mentioned advantageous features with the local flavour.
This region is rich in Gutsul culture and colour, thus, creating the project, we decided to study the origins of the local architecture. The design of the building is simple and laconic. It respectfully preserves the proportions of the traditional Gutsul houses. However, at the same time, numerous constructive solutions and the usage of the modern, durable, high quality materials help the past harmoniously meet present and future.
The building is divided into two levels. On the first, main level, we created a joined kitchen-living room space with a fireplace and an exit onto the terrace. The second level, a garret space includes a cosy bedroom with a panoramic window from which one can enjoy observing a starry sky. In addition, under the roof we designed a tech-room with the ventilation systems.
The project is special on account of the interesting combination of the modern features with local traditions. We created a place where you can enjoy mysterious foggy mornings sitting on a cozy terrace with a cup of fragrant herbal tea or, lying in one’s bed, enjoy the clear starry sky at frosty winter nights. Enjoy being in the very heart of the Carpathians not missing out on the benefits of city life.



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