Сatching the idea,
adapting to reality
and implementing it
We are
Our team - GAB (Gubar Architects Bureau) – innovative architectural bureau.
(Укр) Sergii Gubar
Sergii Gubar
cofounder, architect
Alina Gubar
cofounder, architect
Galyna Serbina
CG artist, designer
Olha Boiko
Dzvina Rymar
architect, designer
Karina Dobrovolska
architect, designer

We view architecture as a beneficial space for interaction, growth and fostering of profound values. It is called to bring people together, facilitate their communication and contribute to their feeling of comfort, security and harmony.

High-quality architecture presents a reasonable long-term investment. By creating a carefully thought through environment, paying close attention not only to esthetic aspects but also to eco matters and ergonomics, it becomes possible to maximize the potential of people without disrupting the natural balance.

Nowadays it seems impossible to overlook the significance of design done with taste. It has both an empowering and enlightening potential. Investing in comprehensive design solutions any person contributes to the overall success of one’s project securing profit, recognition and pleasure from the executed quality work. It presupposes numerous obvious and hidden merits, bearing both financial and esthetic character.

Smart construction plans, rationally selected materials, optimal adaptation to the site, sustainability, variety in shape, originality and beauty are all features of quality that play a significant role in architecture. Innovation and modernity are rarely incorporated in the commission specification, but we highly value them as they lay the basis for constant improvement and provision of even more advanced architectural solutions.

We're making a high quality environment in which a person grows, lives, creates and interacts.
Conceptual project
Working draft

Residential interior design
Public and commercial interior design
Project supervision during the construction


These are progressive people who value their time and appreciate purposeful communication. What is more, they recognize the power of architecture and wish to get the most out of it. We aim at meeting the expectations of our clients or going even beyond them thanks to adopting an individual approach to solving their specific tasks.


We do welcome our clients, partners, colleagues and suppliers to get involved in a constructive dialogue so that we could join our efforts in the creation of new impressive architecture.

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